Charles Linden · The Linden Method

What Is The Linden Method Program?

The Linden Method is a very good cognitive program for anxiety disorders.  I know because I have used it myself with great success.

What Is The Linden Method Program?

The Linden Method is a completely natural approach to addressing anxiety and panic disorders. The program was developed by a gentleman named Charles Linden who himself suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks for years.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to get help from doctors, therapists, psychologists, and even hypnotherapists he set out on a journey of self-discovery and finally learned the secret to overcoming anxiety, fear, and panic attacks for good. His method worked so well he was able to help others he knew that were also struggling with anxiety problems.

What Is The Method And How Is It Different From Other Programs?

The ‘method’ itself is a unique approach to understanding what anxiety is, where it comes from, and how to take steps to keep it from ruining your life. It is presented in an easy to follow format that will empower you to take charge of your life again without worrying about anxiety again.

Unlike other cognitive programs, the Linden Method focuses on a part of your brain called the Amygdala which is the place where your anxiety, panic, fears, and phobias originate. The Amygdala is part of your brain’s nerve center that controls your emotions. You’ll learn not only how the Amygdala works but how you can control it by selectively turning off the switch that triggers anxiety when you feel a perceived threat coming on. You’ll learn that the threats that produce anxiety symptoms are caused by false alarms that you’ll be able to recognize when they occur.

What The Linden Method Recovery Program Can Do For You:

  • Stop anxiety and panic attacks for good so you can get your life back again
  • Allow you to get back to doing the activities you used to enjoy before anxiety made you afraid to do them
  • Eliminate negative thinking and obsessive thoughts
  • Empower you to be confident again when you’re out in social situations
  • Free your mind from the constant worry about when you might experience anxiety again

Is There Anything Bad About The Linden Method?

No product is perfect. Well, except for maybe a Snickers Bar. But when it comes to cognitive programs for anxiety every product has some negative elements too.

So what’s bad about the Linden Method? First of all it’s not cheap. It’s a pricy little program. If you opt for the full printed program you will shell out between $150 – $200. Luckily there is also a downloadable version of the program for under $100.

The second drawback is that the program takes both patience and a committment of significant time and energy from you. It will show you just what to do but its up to you to follow through on what you learn. It’s simply not for everyone since many people would rather be spoon-fed a solution. It’s real work!

Lastly, the program is lengthy. When you’re suffering with anxiety it can be difficult to focus on all the information being thrown at you. The sheer amount of information in the course can be overwhelming at times.

How Do I Know It Will Work For Me?

The truth is that you don’t. It worked wonders for me but you’re not me. Just like anything else, The Linden Method will work very well for some people and will be disappointing to others.

Fortunately, Charles Linden understands this so his offer comes with a generous 12 month money-back guarantee.